Wednesday, September 29, 2010

5 Tips for Picking Your Wedding Colors

Focus on colors that go with the theme of the wedding
Focusing on colors that go with your theme is an easy way to pick out your wedding colors. It is important if you pick a theme for your wedding that the colors complement and not clash with the theme. For example if it is outside focus on natural colors and lots of green, if it is a beach theme focus on blues and pastel colors and if it is a holiday theme focus on colors that are popular around that type of year of the wedding. For example if it is Halloween use orange, black and purple to create a successful theme! Visiting a place that has to do with your theme such as a place like the beach or a store for example, a Halloween themed store can inspire a whole plethora of ideas.

Focus on the season the wedding will be held in
Focusing on the season is an easy way to pick your wedding colors.  If it is Fall focus on orange, brown, plum and yellow or dark bold colors, if it is Summer focus on bright colors such as blues and purples, if it is Spring focus on greens and pinks, if it is Winter focus on white with accent colors of your choice. Another way to help pick out colors by season is to visit your local florist and check out there seasonal bouquets for color ideas.

Focus on colors that will complement the venue and create a certain mood
It is so important to focus on colors that will not clash with the location of the wedding. If a venue has a natural inspired look it is important not to incorporate it with bold, bright colors or patterns. The point of picking colors for the venue is to create a place that is inviting and put together, not mismatched and unwelcome. The venue must also incorporate colors that create a mood for your wedding. For example, if it is an evening wedding dark colors and candle light will compliment any venue and set a soft romantic type mood. If it is a wedding where a party mood is wanted bright lights and bright colors will compliment a venue.

To make it simple, focus on a few of your favorite colors
The easiest way to pick colors for your wedding is to pick a few of your favorite colors that will compliment who you are. Pick colors or patterns that you enjoy and revolve your wedding elements around these colors. I'm crazy for all things PURPLE! Love this!

Focus your colors around a certain element of the wedding
Focusing on a certain element of the wedding can also spark an idea for wedding colors. This idea can come from a memory or a souvenir from where you and your significant have visited. An idea can come from a wedding favor that is found at a department store.  An idea for colors can come from a flower or even bridesmaids dresses.

 Our advice
The point is that there are endless possibilities of colors and endless resources that can be used to create a beautiful wedding.  Color ideas can come from anywhere whether it is a certain element from the wedding that has a specific pattern you like or the time of year you’re getting married. Get creative and find colors that make you and your significant other happy and create a wonderful wedding from there! Below are some links that will help you decide on colors for your perfect wedding.

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