Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Do’s and Don’ts for Incorporating Your Pet into Your Wedding

Do: Have Your Pet Be Your Ring Bearer
    Having your special pet be the ring bearer is the most common way pets can be incorporated in a wedding. Your pet can be put on a leash and walked with the flower girl during your ceremony. Dog tuxes and wedding dresses can be found so your dog’s attire matches the weddings. Putting your pet in a wagon will minimize mishaps down the aisle and the wagon can be led by a member of your wedding party. This idea is tasteful and creative and gets that special pet you love involved in your wedding day!

Don’t: Get a cake topper of your pet for your wedding cake
    Putting your pet on the top of your cake is taking incorporating your pet in the wedding to a whole new level! The wedding day is about you and your future significant other. By putting your pet on the top of your cake it deflects the importance of your wedding day and the significance of the two of you as a couple.
Do: Include a picture of you and your pet on your invitations or in another element of your wedding

    Incorporating a picture of your pet in an element of the wedding is such a creative and subtle way to show your guests how special your pet is to you. Pictures as a couple that incorporate your pet can be put on invitations, engagement photos, place cards or place settings. There are so many ways to include pictures of your pet in the wedding without going overboard.
Photo courtesy of Chameleon Photographix

Don’t: Take wedding photos with your pet on the day of the wedding
    Taking photos with your pet on your wedding day can prove to be a disaster! Think about the possibilities: your white dress or pressed tux getting jumped on prior to the ceremony or your pet getting loose and running around the venue destroying elements of the wedding. Animals are unpredictable and can wreak havoc at any moment so it is best to take pictures on a day other than the actual wedding day. Take pictures at your house before or after the wedding so your pet is in a quiet, relaxed and familiar setting.  Avoid any mishaps with your pet by taking pictures before the official wedding day!
Do: Include a charm with a picture of your pet and hang it from your bouquet
    Just like a relative a pet can be an important part of your day! If your pet can not be present at the actual wedding, a charm on your bouquet is a great way to show how special your pet is to your guests. This idea also allows your pet to be close to your heart and present on your big day. If your pet can’t be there in body, it can be there in spirit!
Don’t: Keep your pet at the wedding site all day
    Keeping your pet at the wedding site throughout the wedding process and the reception is a big no-no! Animals just like kids get restless, tired and need a break from all the chaos. Incorporate your pet into the ceremony but then arrange for him or her to return home to its familiar environment. Just like humans, pets can get stressed out from the hustle and bustle of the day’s activities so it is better to keep them on site for a short period of time!

More helpful tips:
1: Practice with your pet before the day of the wedding. Remember with any job, practice makes perfect.
2: Make sure your venue is pet friendly
3: Make sure your bridal party is comfortable handling your pet before you begin incorporating them into your wedding.
4: Consider your pet’s temperament and abilities when thinking about incorporating them into the wedding. Find the role that fits your pet’s personality best. Puppies will not behave properly on a leash as the ring bearer if they have not been introduced to a leash before, cats will be nervous around a lot of noise and large amounts of people, be confident that your pet can be friendly around large amounts of people: ESPECIALLY CHILDREN!

I am an animal lover --- actually a cat lover (and they would never tolerate this!) --- and think it is great to incorporate your pet into your big day if you plan ahead!

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