Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Share the Sweetness on Your Special Day

Brides, prepare for the tastiest portion of your wedding planning! Follow this online guide to select the perfect wedding cake for your Northern California Wedding.
An offset square damask cake from Lovely Layers Cakery:Perfection by Confection in Chico, CA

Start Planning Early
After your engagement, you’ll have numerous wedding planning commitments, such as finding the date, venue, gown, etc. But in the bustle of bridal beginnings, don’t forget about the cake. Make plans to order your wedding cake six months before your wedding date.

Find Your Inspiration
Gather inspiration for your favorite cake features. Glance at bridal magazines, view wedding web sites, and peruse local bakeries to formulate your ideas of favorite cake designs. You can visit Northern California Bridal Show for inspiring bakers and cakes on display. 

Our Summer/Fall Wedding Fair features "Say YES!" to the Cake contest. A perfect place to select your cake.
Book a Bakery
As you gather ideas, make plans to book a bakery. Think of your favorite pastry shops, and explore your options for wedding cake specialists through WeddingsNorthValley.com’s list online. Then schedule consultations with your favorite bakeries, caterers, or cake specialists to narrow your options. Choose the bakery that best fits your needs and personal style. Remember to review a contract before you sign the dotted line to ensure these details are included: cake’s design, wedding date, wedding venue and delivery time (if applicable), final price, and initial deposit.
Sometimes you just want to find the "right fit"--- maybe it's Cake is the Best Part's Teri LaHorgue from Redding, CA

Choose the Design
Partner with your favorite baker to create a wedding cake design that reflects your wedding’s tone and color scheme to further personalize your experience. Incorporate ribbons, flowers, pillars, feathers, icing designs, figurines, or even exchange the traditional cake for contemporary cupcakes. Be as creative as you please, but bear in mind more intricate cakes are more expensive. Always show your cake consultant your inspiration pieces, pictures, or drawings to ensure your ideas are clearly communicated.

Know the Numbers
Tell your cake consultant the number of guests you expect to attend your reception. Then the baker can determine what size cake you’ll need to feed your entire guest list.  This may include the number of tiers, width of tiers, or even a separate sheet cake for economical necessity. Also, know whether you plan to save your top tier for your first anniversary or if you prefer to let guests enjoy this layer on your wedding day.

Select the Shape
Round cakes and square cakes are both popular choices for weddings. These shapes feed more mouths and they are easy to cut, which leads to quick food service and happy guests. If you have alternate shape ideas, speak with your baker to see if your idea is doable.
It may not be a "cake" at all! Cupcakes are more popular all the time. Check out Blue Sugar Cupcakes.

Find the Flavor
Once you choose your cake’s design, you’ll be able to select the cake flavor and filling. Enjoy mixing and matching as you decide which combination tastes the most decadent. Throughout this process, feel free to ask questions and listen to your wedding cake professional as well. The baker knows the products well and can guide you to complementary flavor combinations. If you and your groom savor different flavors, then ask your cake consultant if each tier can be a separate cake flavor.

Icing on the Cake
Complement your favorite cake flavors and fillings with the right icing. While you may consider the taste, you’ll also need to cater to your cake’s design. Some styles require sturdy fondant icing to create the complete look while other cakes can maintain a richer flavor with soft butter cream icing. If you’re unsure, ask your wedding cake consultant to recommend icing to best complement your cake.

Top It Off
To complete the cake’s overall appearance, choose a complementary cake topper. You may want an elaborate topper as the cake’s crowning glory, or you may prefer a simple topper as the subtle finishing touch. Consider your options, such as a ribbon arrangement, monogram, flowers, fruits, symbolic shapes, or porcelain figurines. Select a cake topper to reflect your groom’s and your relationship as well as match the mood of your reception.

Share the Sweetness
For all your wedding planning, your cake is one area where wedding guests will want a big slice. Share the cake cutting with your groom, and enjoy a bite of scrumptious dessert together. Then let guests partake in your celebration with their own thick slices of cakes. They’ll be pleased when there’s enough cake for everyone in attendance, and you’ll be glad you took the time to provide this tasty treat. 
Pink and sweetened by vine-ripened fruit is just one of the toothsome goodies from Marcie's Cupcake Kitchen.

Share the sweetness of your special day! For more information about Northern California’s Sweetest Choices, please view our website or visit us at Facebook.com/ChicoBridalShowcase. Make your wedding day extra fabulous…hire a Wedding Professional. 

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Monday, December 12, 2011

The Latest Rental Options for Northern California Weddings

There are lots of companies in the North Valley that offer the necessities for wedding and event rentals --- the chairs, linens, silverware, even pitchers for water.

But what about when you're an off-the-beaten-path type of bride with a little more eclectic tastes? Where do you go to find the unique items to use for your wedding without having to purchase dozens of jars or vases you'll never use again?

Today we'll take a look at some companies that offer fun items you can use to meet your special event needs.
Salvagno's Party Dog Rentals "works like a dog so you don't have to!"

PARTY DOG RENTALS is a division of Salvagno's Events. Manager Clint Salvagno takes great pride in the exceptional condition of his rental equipment – chairs are clean and china is chip-free. Dubbed “The Rental Wizard,” Clint either has what you need – or knows where to get it!  Meet
Clint personally at the January 8th Chico Bridal Showcase. Set an appointment to meet with him and see all that he and his crew can do for your wedding. http://www.salvagnosevents.com/rentals

A & J Party Rentals has served the Northern California area from Chico since 1978.

A & J PARTY CENTER Tim Randall and his team like to say “If you’ve been to great party in the last 30+ years, chances are we were there too.” Meet the Randalls personally at the January 8th Chico Bridal Showcase. Set an appointment to meet with them and see all that they can do for your wedding.

WE DO DESIGNS for a "high fashion slant" WeDo Designs combines the skills of a florist, fashionista, and events manager, we combine our years of experience to provide a one stop shop for your special days. WeDo Designs specializes in fabulous fabrics for tablescapes and draping to help make your special day even more memorable! Meet Rabina personally at the January 8th Chico Bridal Showcase. Set an appointment to meet with her and see all that they can do for your wedding. http://www.wedodesigns.net/http://www.wedodesigns.net/

Meet Nancy from All Star Rents in Chico.

ALL STAR RENTS is the "go-to" place for all things for your event. Nancy Fregoso and the All Star team have a huge selection of party and special events things --- almost anything you can think of. And you get Nancy's personal attention. Meet Nancy personally at the January 8th Chico Bridal Showcase. Set an appointment to meet with her and see all that they can do for your wedding. http://www.allstarrents.com/AllStarRents/Events.htmhttp://www.allstarrents.com/AllStarRents/Events.htm

JAZ Events brings a designer touch to your event.
JAZ EVENTS is the latest addition to our Northern California party rental market. They offer the latest in trendy lounge furniture and decor. They offer furnishings which bring high style to your event. Meet with the JAZ team during the Chico Bridal Showcase on January 8th. JAZ Events styled this year's CLUB GROOM! http://www.jazevents.com/portfolio