Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wedding Favor Guidelines

Your wedding day wouldn't be nearly as much fun or memorable without all your loving friends and family who traveled near and far to celebrate with you. Express your thanks with wedding favors that are meaningful and will be appreciated by your guests. Don't waste money on tchotchkes your guests will almost certainly throw away, or leave on the tables. Giving wedding favors is an age-old tradition that has evolved tremendously over the years. Today, couples are using their creativity and presenting favors that are thoughtful and personal.


Q. Are wedding favors necessary?
A. While wedding favors are not as crucial as say, the wedding cake, they are a wonderful way to thank your guests and give them a lasting memory of your wedding. A couple should definitely think about giving favors if their budget allows for them. Favors do not need to be extravagant or expensive…it really is the thought that counts.

Q. When choosing a favor, be original and pick a favor that is meaningful to you and your family.
A. Or if you have a wedding theme, favors are great ways to complement your theme. Personalized favors are extremely popular because it is a fun way to add your personal stamp to the wedding day. You can also look to the favors you have received attending other recent weddings to gauge current trends and fashions and get ideas, but also definitely try to be unique with yours!

Q.  I would really like to give wedding favors, but my budget is pretty tight. Any suggestions?
A.  Wedding favors can be a single flower that is meaningful to the couple or a handmade paper booklet of how the couple met. The true value of wedding favors is the inherent significance behind the gift and the lasting memory guests will have of the wedding. Place card holders can also double as wedding favors. Simple picture frames or place card holders are practical favors that guests can take home and enjoy.

Q. Should I give favors to children?
A. Children are usually given the same wedding favor as adults, but many couples have opted to give special favors that children particularly will enjoy. Present a bag of the couple’s favorite candy in a clear cellophane bag with a personalized label that says “Life is Sweet” or something similar, or give personalized cookies, whether creative, classy or elegant, that you know the children will enjoy. These adorable wedding bubblegum buddies are always a favorite among the little guests.

Q. How should I present wedding favors?
A. Wedding favors can be just as much a part of the table decorations and overall theme of the reception as flowers, settings and linen. It is your way of saying thank you to each person attending your wedding, so the presentation as well as the gift itself should reflect your intentions. Some thoughtfulness and creativity can speak volumes.  We LOVE the favor presentation ideas from Wedding Tulle.


We LOVE these corked test tubes filled with Reese's pieces (for a touch of fall color) labeled with the wedding date and a thank you message. These are perfect for a fall themed wedding.  

For a fun, functional and affordable way to thank your guests for being a part of your special day. Order Kustom Koozies

For an incredibly creative selection, check out Etsy --- where you will find more than 12,000 favor ideas.   

Or how about personalized wine from Chico's Gale Vineyards? Savory pomegranate sauces and marinades from Skylake Ranch

Check out our own Gracefully Girly for beautiful favors and bridal party gifts. Kimberlee will work with you to create the perfect favor for your wedding.

Ultimate advice on wedding favors etiquette. Plan ahead! Whether your guest list is an intimate twenty or an ambitious three hundred, finding the perfect wedding favors takes time. Give yourself or whoever is in charge of the wedding favors plenty of time. Make sure to research the different retail stores, online sites and other options you have. Your perfect dream wedding favors can and will come true if you put your thought into it and plan accordingly. Wedding favors can be a wonderful way to share your love and add that special finishing touch to your wedding day.

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