Monday, July 6, 2009

Planning A Cocktail Wedding Reception

A cocktail party wedding is a classy, low-stress, lower cost option to a full blown reception. One of the key elements that makes them so appealing is that they are shorter in length and much more relaxed than traditional sit down dinner receptions. Often they are a good way for people to get acquainted, since guests often stand and mingle with each other.

The invitation prepares your guests for the atmosphere of the cocktail party wedding. The way an invitation is worded and styled will inform your guests as to what type of wedding to expect (A formal invitation of engraved calligraphy will suggest a "black-tie" or more elegant affair, whereas a more colorful modern style will suggest a more casual affair).

The art of throwing a fabulous cocktail party wedding hinges upon knowing what type of event will make an impression on your guests. The best parties are not necessarily the most expensive; they need only be unique and creative. Of course, the difficult part is to seamlessly orchestrate all of the ingredients of the event-the decor, entertainment, music, food and beverages.

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