Monday, July 13, 2009

Great Ways to Involve Your Groom in the Wedding!

Modern grooms are getting more involved in wedding planning. (Yes, even your own.) Aside from the short list below, the trick is to help your guy understand the duties of the groom. He’ll find lots of options that will allow him to tap into his creativity and get involved.

The mystery honeymoon
Encourage him to make all the honeymoon arrangements! He does know what you like to do! And what you like to do together! The idea is to keep your honeymoon plans a total surprise until we got to the airport. He has to tell you what to bring, and not where you're going. (And they say marriage is about trust – try a mysto honeymoon locale!) Let him pick the destination, book the flights and accommodation, and plan the honeymoon activities. It"s a great vacation, and the added mystery definitely spices things up.

An education in wedding food options

He may not be a foodie, by any stretch. But as it turns out, he will really enjoy trying out the tasting menus from prospective reception venues. Turned each food tasting into a “date” (Dating each other…remember that!?). This way you can experience the food together and have a meal out at the same time. It is was his responsibility to plan a relaxing rehearsal dinner. Let him have some fun and put HIS stamp on it. It could be shorts and flip flops mandatory, and coupled it with bite-sized international cuisine. It just might be the best party!

Let him tap his inner design skills
Have him wield a tabletop paper cutter to help make your homemade wedding invitations. Regular readers at Blogging Brides know that wedding invitations don’t need to have frilly fonts and pink paper. Creative type or not, you will appreciate save-the-dates or invitations that aren’t from the Victorian age. I’d bet he’ll create a cool design.

Transportation for your wedding
After all, they've been playing cars since they were 2 years old! Your groom can take care of the wedding transportation for your wedding. We frequently hear of guys finding cool antique cars, BMWs or horses and carriages. Your man will actually enjoy dealing with the how, when and where of getting around, assuming you won’t be using your feet.

At we are all about modern weddings, in a modern wedding your groom will get in the groove if you point him in the right direction. You’ll be glad you did.

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