Thursday, April 16, 2009

Your Wedding Gown --- One of the most important elements of your day!

Here are Two Solutions to your wedding gown selection:

Your wedding gown reflects so much about your personality and your sense of style. But after months of fruitless searching for that perfect gown, you're just about ready to scream in frustration. Well, don't give up hope. Maybe there's a reasonable explanation of why you haven't found that dress. Maybe it just hasn't been made yet!

Design Your Own Gown!
Many brides are now enlisting the services of designers to create gowns that precisely fit not only their individual body shapes, but their personalities as well. We asked Carol Ingram, Bridal Designer, "I Do! Dressmaking" in Redding, about having a dress custom made for you versus buying a ready made gown in a bridal salon.

Here is what she has to say... "There are many reasons to have your wedding gown made for you and quite a few ways to accomplish this.

1. You may be hard to fit. Not every bride is going to look like a runway model. But every bride is going to want to look fabulous. Rather than having someone remake a bridal gown, have someone make it from scratch if you can find the fabrics and the right person to make it.
2. You may want something different. You may look fabulous in black. You may be getting married in the middle of the winter. White isn't going to cut it! Black velvet or midnight blue satin might be perfect for you.
3. You may not be interested in current styles. If you have an era that is perfect for you, but you don't want, can't find, a vintage dress. Have it made!
4. It's not as difficult or as expensive as you might imagine. And, most often, it's more affordable than you imagine!"

Rent A Gown!

Why is it that grooms are never expected to buy tuxedos, which can be worn again to other events, but brides are expected to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for a dress they can really only wear one time? Does anyone else find this sort of stupid?

We understand that wedding dresses can be hugely sentimental, and many women like to own theirs simply to be able to look at it hanging in the closet, or dream of passing it down to daughters and granddaughters. But think of all the other keepsakes you'll have from your wedding --- gifts, framed invitations, photo albums, your spouse --- do you really need to spend so much money on the dress, too?

For those of you who want to cut costs on the wedding dress and are willing to rent instead of buy one, you're in luck, because you can do that! The ladies at Wedding Gown Sales & Rentals in Chico can help! They tell us: "You may be surprised at how many options you have. Many of the stores that offer gown rentals will also rent out bridal accessories to save you even more money."

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