Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wedding Candy Buffets --- Sweet Surprises Await You & Your Wedding Guests

Candy Buffets are a unique way to provide favors for your wedding guests without the stress of creating individual favors for every guest! Candy buffets can be created in a variety of ways to showcase your favorite treats as an individual and candy that has a special meaning as a couple. Here are some ideas about how to get started! 

Picking the candy that’s right for your wedding
Candy buffets should be created to show your guests what candies you enjoy as an individual and as a couple. Candy that means something to you should be provided at the candy buffet. Guests can choose from the candy provided and leave with a little bag of treats!  Everything about the candy buffet can be personalized at your wedding. It is smart to think about your guests a bit and provide a variety of choices for them to choose from.

Think about the season
Thinking about the season when creating a candy buffet for your wedding allows for a ton of creativity! These days there are so many different kinds of candy to choose from each season! For Christmas peppermint and mini Christmas tree gummies will be a hit, for Fall candy corn and little candy pumpkins are a great choice, for spring little chocolate bunnies and jelly beans create a festive variety of chooses and for summer candy lemon and watermelon slices as well as lollipops and cotton candy are sure to be hit!

Pick candy that means something to you as a couple
Think about memories you and your fiancé have made as a couple and pick candy that you both enjoy a that are unique to you as a couple. Guests should be able to look at the candy buffet and think about what a great couple you are!
Pick a color or a theme
Picking a theme should be an easy task! Think about your favorite colors and coordinate the candy and the decorations with that color! Think about the season: Yellow is a popular color for spring. Summer could feature bright vibrant colors --- bright blues and greens. Fall can be oranges and reds.  Winter could feature colors such as white with splashes of sparkle. Think about an activity you enjoy as a couple and incorporate it into your candy buffet.  

Personalized candy wrappers and candy bags
Online there are so many websites that allow you to create personalized candy wrappers to go with the candy you choose. There are also many options for personalized candy bags as well. If planned correctly, a candy buffet can be created for a reasonable price. The candy wrappers/bags can include a couples initials, a meaningful picture or a quote that is unique to you as a couple.
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