Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What does a "Day Of" Coordinator do?

You have to sometimes wonder what could possibly come up during your wedding day to justify the hiring of a wedding planner.  These are just a few and without a planner, some of them could have turned into minor catastrophes.
·       Purchasing sheet cakes for backup wedding cake when, after cutting, it was realized they were short almost 100 pieces of cake
·       Pinning and sewing torn dresses, straps and even shoe buckles
·       Giving directions to reception site to lost vendors
·       Quickly moving indoor ceremony, outdoors due to rain and then with only 20 minutes to spare, moving ceremony BACK outside at bride’s request
·       Reviewing setup to find that certain tables were missing chairs, silverware and napkins BEFORE any guest noticed
·       Setup of “Kid’s Area” for children who attended the reception and became bored with the long process of a 6 course meal
·       Setting up DVD/TV player for a surprise video provided by sister of bride, who forgot to mention to anyone that she wanted this viewed at the reception
·       Locating last minute seating for elderly parent who realizes they are unable to stand for entire service
·       Speeding up slow service and organizing an unorganized staff at reception site
·       Curl and up do of bride’s hair when salon was unable to create the look she had wanted (I'm not a hairstylist, I am only to be utilized in emergencies.)
·       Placing wood pieces underneath food tables when (because of excessive mud and weight of food) the tables began to sink into ground
·       Guiding lost and or slightly intoxicated guests to the site, back to their seat or to a cab (without anyone noticing, including said guest)
·       Last minute call to Limo Company who had provided wrong vehicle and wrong driver
·       Waiting at the hotel to escort 2 sets of great grandparents to transportation to the ceremony as well as the reception (after all other transportation methods had left and were unavailable)
·       Removing of an intoxicated/disruptive guests without any type of disruption the Bride or Groom (yes, this is a different example beyond the assistance with slightly intoxicated guest)
·       Purchasing specific bread (alcohol, napkins, dessert, appetizer) that Bride/Groom had requested that was found to be not available at the reception site
·       Pinning down table linens when an unexpected wind storm occurred (wind was strong enough that linens were blowing off, as well as centerpieces, which were then breaking.)   
·       Arriving at site to find set up/linen colors wrong and then fixing the entire site before bride, groom OR guests noticed
·       Organizing last minute song lists for wedding when groom “forgot” to handle (you'd be surprised how often the groom "forgets" to do things for the wedding)
·       Delivery of special items to bride/groom and placement of surprise/secret items and gifts for some of the special people involve
·       Calming jittery brides, grooms, family members (this happens every single time)
 The Wedding Lady recommends you make a consultation appointment with any of the following coordinators working in Northern California.
An Occasion to Remember  (530) 589-5900   
JKiendra Productions  (206) 617-2243 
Your Perfect Day  (530) 521-7539   

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