Tuesday, July 27, 2010

10 Tips for Making the Most Out of Your Local Wedding Show

Getting Married? Attend A Bridal Show!

From photographers, favors and food to cutting-edge fashions and flowers, wedding shows bring together vendors covering every facet of weddings, each vying to show off their latest wares and woo brides-to-be.

If you are attending a bridal show, here are some tips for making the experience really work for you:

1.            Going to a Bridal Show is a great way to gather information without the hassle of driving hundreds of miles to get information. It is all in one place at one time for a nominal fee and time expenditure.
BENEFIT: You could find the perfect vendor, service or product for your wedding!

2.            Be prepared to wait in line to register. Be patient! This is well worth it. Many times this is how you are entered into the drawings for incredible prizes that both the show producer and the individual vendors are giving away.
BENEFIT: You could win something fabulous!

3.            Bring pre-printed self-adhesive address labels (You know like those that you receive in the mail all the time!) Or make your own --- every word processing app has a simple labels program. Remember to include your email address. This will save you a lot of time and allow you to sign up for anything you want very quickly.
BENEFIT: Your name and address can be read by the exhibitor you want to get more information from. [IDEA---set up a Hot or G-Mail account to use all during your wedding planning phase---that way you always know that the message is in reference to YOUR wedding!]

4.            Bring your checkbook if you want to actually book any services, or hold dates with a deposit. Be sure to check on refund policies before giving any money, and read the contract carefully before signing. BENEFIT: Take advantage of show specials.

5.            Collect any information you are interested in --- take it home to look over again when you have some quiet time.
BENEFIT: You get all this information under one roof in one day.

6.            This is your opportunity to see exactly how a vendor that you’re interested in does their work. You can sample. See the latest. You can get a feel whether you want to do business with a particular vendor. Be aware of the neatness and organization of the booth and the dress of the exhibitor.
BENEFIT: You get face time with many vendors and get an idea if you can work with them. And, if not, NEXT!

7.            Compare prices and services. Because there are often multiple vendors for a particular service, you can make comparisons right on the spot.
BENEFIT: Shop for price AND service.

8.            Be prepared to wear a “Bride-to-Be” sticker/or identification to receive special attention from the vendors.
BENEFIT: Get treated like the princess that you are!

9.            It is nice if your fiancé attends with you, IF he is interested. About 30% do attend, so he wonít be the only one there!
BENEFIT: He can look too, and you'll get his input. The number of grooms-to-be at Northern California shows has increased this past year.

10. It can be a really enjoyable day for you and your wedding party, mother, and/or groom-to-be. Take the person the person whose opinion and judgment you value the most.
BENEFIT: Make it a day out with the girls! Compare notes. Divide up the show and get different ideas from all over the showcase from many different vendors.

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