Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Make Your Wedding More Environmentally-Friendly

1. Keep the ceremony small - limit the number of guests
2. Choose a venue that uses environmentally responsible practices --- pesticide-free lawns, clean energy, etc. Look for a LEED-certified location
3. Keep the location natural
4. Choose an indoor venue that has lots of natural light
5. Keep it local - less travel, and support your local economy
6. Have the ceremony and reception in the same place or within walking distance of each other

Dresses & Tuxedos
1. Choose a vintage or used gown
2. Choose a dress made from organic cotton, organic silk, hemp or hemp/silk blends
3. Rent a dress
4. Choose a dress that can be repurposed later (cocktail dress, etc.)
5. Donate the dress after the wedding
6. Sell the dress afterwards through eBay or a consignment store
7. Encourage bridesmaids to choose their own dress that they can reuse later
8. Rent a tux
9. Avoid leather shoes


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